Update 6Feb

A quick update on current events. Now 8 weeks out from INBA. Posing advice and practice coming through thick and hard. I am really trying to embrace the 'Fake it until you Become It' attitude- due to work roster tomorrow will be my first group posing for nearly a month so we will see how well … Continue reading Update 6Feb


Extract: the Foreword from ‘The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women Volume 1’ – Beatrice Imbert

" 'Lead an Inspired Life' What is life? What are we meant to actually do with this gift, this privilege that has been given to us? Is there a purpose to our very being? These are just a few of the questions that occupy my thoughts, finding myself searching for answers, often resulting in even … Continue reading Extract: the Foreword from ‘The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women Volume 1’ – Beatrice Imbert


Something I want to touch on briefly, and only briefly, because it is negative. I have received so much criticism all the way though this prep so far. At the start it was the general rabbit food jokes, teasing me with junk food etc kind of criticism. That my diet was silly, not enough, needed … Continue reading Criticism

Outfit Bikini

I ordered my beautiful suit (colour is a surprise!) from Kristen Lonie Bikinis here in Australia!! It is absolutely perfect and exactly what I need to keep my eyes on the prize!


I have no idea how a whole month has slipped through my fingers and abandoned this little project!!! I have so much I want to post I have accidentally put it on the backburner! Officially 5 weeks out from competition day, and there have been many hurdles. I have moved house, changed job, and been … Continue reading Been AWOL

Quick Sprouting Update

Quick update on my sprouting attempts! All a success!!! Need more varieties!!! Addicted! So easy and fun to watch and tasty to add to my meals! More fun than buying from the shops. Going to look into more at home growing idea's.