Update 6Feb

A quick update on current events.

Now 8 weeks out from INBA.

Posing advice and practice coming through thick and hard. I am really trying to embrace the ‘Fake it until you Become It’ attitude- due to work roster tomorrow will be my first group posing for nearly a month so we will see how well I can fake it with an audience again. Its cool to rock it in your home half naked and another to do it at the gym with 4 wall mirrors.

I feel I am coming in on track for April but just trying to keep myself focused on everything at this point and not worry about the end day.

My bikini order is in with Lovelee Swimwear and I cannot wait to get my order!

It looks as though my event will be hosting a one-piece category so I am looking to order from All4Me but I am going to look at swatches with friends first and talk to the event organiser to get a better understanding of the category (judges looking for personality or promotability etc?) then I will have an idea of how I want to look.

I have online posing coaching with the wonderful Skye at EdenFit I really encourage anyone to join her coaching online, she knows what she is talking about! You will learn a lot more than just posing.

Otherwise I am just busy with work and study. Each Unit I swear I wont be in a rush to hand it in but so far it hasn’t gone this way…. maybe by my last unit! This month has already started on such a high as far my ambition goes I need to really pull some extra action out for everything I want to achieve. So excited still for this year!

Enjoy some of my sketchy first poses. Lets see how much better I get -(hopefully way better!)


8 weeks out is still considerable time but already I have the coaches asking me who I have organised for hair, makeup, tans, how is posing etc.. geez! The official event info went up this week so now I can look at organising these things in the next week or so. Going to recruit some friends tomorrow morning who are competing and see what we can organise together for the day.

Part of me is feeling daring enough to try and hair and makeup myself, but the sensible side is wondering how I will cope with that on the day, and how I will feel if feedback comes back that I looked like a clown?


Extract: the Foreword from ‘The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women Volume 1’ – Beatrice Imbert

Lead an Inspired Life’

What is life? What are we meant to actually do with this gift, this privilege that has been given to us? Is there a purpose to our very being?

These are just a few of the questions that occupy my thoughts, finding myself searching for answers, often resulting in even more questions. The only sure conclusion that I can settle on is that perhaps there are many paths that a life can take, the one decider is our own very powerful ability to choose – to make choices as to what we would like to do and how we would like to spend our journey.

Living an inspired life is, I believe, a conscious choice and one that is often and sadly made because circumstances have ‘forced the hand’ – that we find ourselves in transformational situations that require a new or renewed strength to not just cope with, but to thrive through.

My understanding of life was formed when I faced my own death in London during the summer of 2005. Yes, my life did flash before my very eyes and what I saw were the moments that were spent with the people that I had loved, the tears and the laughter. I wanted to see those people, I wanted to know more of life, to feel, to love, but above all else I wanted to honour my gift of life should I be fortunate to survive.

My body was labelled simply as ‘One Unknown, Estimated Female’ – I was without identity. I remember reading that wrist bracelet, reading those rather chilling words and contemplating exactly what it meant. I realised that within those words ‘One Unknown, Estimated Female’ was the example of the brilliance of humanity. So many people, including paramedics and police had put their own lives at risk to save mine, to save as many as they could. No one ever gave up, they acted selflessly, their only focus was to save precious human lives – it didn’t matter what colour of skin, what faith, indeed what sex.

Making a difference, making a life count, leaving lasting footprints, to lead by example and to heed all that I had been shown was and remains my motivation.

And now, as I write, I am carrying a child, a new life waiting to be born. I also know that this miracle is a girl, another woman to take her place in the world and to find her way, to choose her journey and to make a difference.

As her Mother, what example do I offer her? What words of encouragement and advice? I hope that my child will learn not only from me but from the many women who have forged great paths before me, and the many women who fill our world today.

This unique collection of remarkable women, all who have shown strength, determination and courage are a testament to the brilliance that is humanity, to us all and our ability to lead inspired lives.

Leave Lasting Footprints on all you do is what I will teach my daughter – and to choose her every step – and to appreciate the fullness of the journey that is life.’

– Dr Gill Hicks (Hon Dr Phil) MBE FRSA – Founding Director M.A.D For Peace, Survivor 2005 London Bombings

I don’t plan to make a habit of posting things that are not my own words. However I was so inspired and moved by this piece, it is the words I am unable to string together to explain how I feel. So as it was done so well, I felt it best to share and celebrate.

Happy day pioneers x

Diet Change

Diet change!!!

So far I have blogged my Ripped on Raw approach with dieting.

I have loved and learnt alot. It has also been successful and I am so happy with not just my fat loss, but the benefits such as energy, no hunger, no addictions etc that I have experienced.

At four weeks out my diet has been changed to meat and vegetables, egg white omelets etc every few hours. I really struggled with it this week. Considering what I have learned about digestion loads, and having spent the last 8 weeks eating so lightly, this change has completely sapped my energy, and I feel like I cant get enough sleep. I didn’t follow it perfectly, as I have struggled to eat it all, and to stop myself from falling into a food coma.

I have recently found the YOR Health range and been incorporating that into my diet, which has helped me significantly. I am now trying to stick to these changes 100% as they are necessary at this stage. I just cant stress enough how much I have become aware of how important digestive health is, and once you have got your body working so well you really can feel when things are changed up.

Twenty One days to go- training hard, eating strict, I am feeling ready to take on these last few weeks!




Something I want to touch on briefly, and only briefly, because it is negative.

I have received so much criticism all the way though this prep so far.
At the start it was the general rabbit food jokes, teasing me with junk food etc kind of criticism. That my diet was silly, not enough, needed cheat days etc.
Then it changed to criticism if I was seen doing anything a bit relaxed, because I should be 100% about the prep, as if I needed to be reminded, or wasn’t trying hard enough.
Then I started getting alot of congratulations on the changes I have made recently- and this was awesome!- but that brought attention from people who have gym experience, not necessarily competition experience. I then got criticism further on my diet and training.

There is alot of information out there, there are alot of methods out there. I made the decision to go with a team and trainers that have alot of experience with this preparation. I decided to put all of my trust in their method and their process. I may want to, or think I should do something else, or others may criticize what I am currently doing, but this is the decision I made. I can take away from this process so many lessons and use the in the future. If it works I can use it again, if it doesn’t, I can learn from that.
I am not striving for perfection.
This is my first competition.

I started at a very unfit level. I have made massive improvements.
I have also had a lot of personal issues during this journey that I havent documented here, and they have taken their toll.

I am now 3 weeks out, and I want to admit that I have not been perfect, especially the last few weeks.
This is ok. Things happen. I have had great days and worse days. I am still going to get on the stage, and do this. I am going to go through this whole process and learn as much as I possibly can.

Looking back there are alot of things I might change, but those days are over and all I can do is change the days ahead of me.

I do plan to compete again, and again, and I will slowly and surely develope my physique over time. As I will have had my first experience behind me I plan to do more research and understand the processes a lot more than I have this time.

This is still only the beginning, and I would like to use this post to say there is never a time that anyone will not have something negative to say, whether you are failing or succeeding. I have done my best to block that out, and listen to the only people that matter at this point.


Four Weeks Out

We are now less than four weeks out!


I have been extremely busy, not just at the gym, but with a job and house move, and other personal life dramas. I have neglected my blog too much!

My new statistics are in, and I am happy to share the results. In 8 weeks I went from 71.3kg to 65kg. My body fat percentage from 30.2% to 24.9%. I have maintained all of my lean muscle mass and lost cm’s all over.

In clothing I have dropped from an AU size 12 to 10s and 8s. I am more broke than ever with nothing wear! Except awesome workout gear that moves with you!

At four weeks out, I have now had diet change. From detoxing and alkalizing my body we are now focusing on dropping carbohydates and nailing protein requirements and times. Its had a very draining effect on my body, as my digestion times have increased. My cardio has also increased, and recovering from illness has taken a massive toll.

Ah, illness. I unfortunately caught the flu. I tried to ride it out before taking medication (oops bad move) but that lead to a sinus infection that I though I would never shake. I did take over a week off from gym, and I will confess my diet was off the charts unacceptable. What can I do now? Make up for it!

My sinus infection also affected my throat, and then I was stuck with a chest rattle for another week almost. I had antibiotics and a puffer- things I have taken rarely and a puffer? NEVER.

Now I have had alot of people blame my diet for my illness, and I have this to say- YES my immune system was down due to working hard and cutting calories. My body is working very hard on maintain muscles and burning fat, and was not equipped to maintain this AND fight a virus. This is why I had to accept it, and take time off. Im now still catching up on missed sleep but feeling 100x better.

It was mentally hard dealing with the illness setback, with a big goal and deadline set, and it honestly feels like no one understands the stress of trying to obtain it. I may have sounded obsessive and completely out of touch with reality when I got worked up about it. I have now taken the time to accept that I will do my best until the last day, and that will be the best package I can bring AT THIS TIME.

There is always another comp, another chance- this is not a one time goal for me but something I am keenly interested in for awhile!


I have been missing so I haven’t shared much, but I do have more topics in the works, supps, digestion and nutrition, and more from my journery including posing classes with Jo Rogers – Ms Australia 7 times!!! I will have these, and this blog, running as I keep going with these goals, and I hope to deliver more information as I go along =)


Jordy x



I have no idea how a whole month has slipped through my fingers and abandoned this little project!!!

I have so much I want to post I have accidentally put it on the backburner!

Officially 5 weeks out from competition day, and there have been many hurdles.
I have moved house, changed job, and been struck with illness twice!- I am still sick with sinus infection.
I have had almost a week off gym, have been a week on antibiotics, it’s been extremely tough and demotivating at such a crucial time.

One thing standing out to me now, is that I must keep my eyes on the prize. To do MY best with MY challenges, to learn from this experience.
No matter what happens in 5 weeks on the stage, I never will be anything other than a winner, and I will always be setting and making goals!!

Running Bare Shop


Some of my gym clothes are too baggy to really wear now, got a bit ridiculous (much like my work uniform needs to be replaced before I start wearing suspenders to hold my pants up!). So I went and spoilt myself with a new pair of shorts and bra from Running Bare. Absolutely love these pieces and cannot wait to wear them in a few hours for my next workout!