The Decision

I have been considering competing for awhile now and decided to dive on it- 13-14 weeks out from the NABBA comp.
I had initially looked at having an online trainer who I adore, but decided to look into locals, just as it is my first experience, and I would love my hand to be held on the day!
I found the Ultimate Gym and their Dream Team literally around the corner- they specialize in body building and their dream team program is amazing.
Looking on google at the Dream Team, at 2013 and at May 2014 you can see Dream Team members taking the winning spots. I honestly don’t think I could win my first comp, but seeing as their program brings forward great results I made the decision to join the team!
They clearly know what they are doing, and who better to learn from on my first comp? I’ve met Vania Primmer – gym owner, dream team coach and director, australian figure champion- just once so far! and my first impression was that she is just a darling! So kind and genuine, made me feel pretty confident that her program was the right way to go.

I have actually joined late, the program starts 14 weeks out but I have joined a week and a half late, with 12 weeks being the real cut off considering my current condition.

I have no special events or commitments until October, so I am confident in sticking to the program and bringing my best. I’m absolutely terrified of stepping on a stage, but with a stage body and posing classes I am banking on growing some confidence for the day!
I am also considering joining and entering the INBA comp as well, as it is just a week later, and it would be making the most of my contest prep!

So I have made the big decision!!!! I will be posting here when I can, but spamming instagram- @crankyk1tten , twitter- @glitteroniron , and tumblr- @glitteroniron to keep up my positivity, motivation etc 🙂
I have no idea to blog correctly, now to sign off- I promise to work on it.

Bye for now !


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