Week Wrap Up

28/6/2014 Saturday night here in Australia! Tomorrow marks 12 WEEKS until NABBA comp!!! I started a detox this week, meaning I felt out of it in regards to my workouts, and then I was caught up with stock take at work, so I am SO excited to finally get into the gym tomorrow, as I am now uninterrupted until comp day. Detox was tough to start with but I’ve been persevering. I am honestly not a fan of juicing, but I am starting to enjoy the juices- I think my past experiences were my own concoctions which never tasted any good! I am also frustrated with now much food goes into a simple juice. I think I would rather eat it.

20140628-214036-78036318.jpg I decided to include some pictures of me at the moment- 12 weeks out. I know some people in better shape at this stage, and I have known some people in worse shape- so I am not stressing. All that is important to me right now is that I have 12 weeks straight to put in maximum effort. I have my first PT session with Vania on Monday- I am excited to catch up with her properly, to check out my new gym, and to weigh in and take my first measurements.

20140628-215642-79002754.jpg So in preparation, I hit ASN after work today and stocked up –

-Lacheek Nutrition Bombshell preworkout – I have not tried it before but I have been hooked into all of the hype… I got two, one in Apple and Sweet Pineapple. I have not used a preworkout for my sessions in a long time, I only reserve them for days I need the stimulants. As this is a long and aggressive ‘cut’ I will be using my preworkout to get to and get through my workouts.

-Scivation X-tend – BCAA, L-Glutamine, Recovery. I know of hundreds of A+ recommendations, and it combines a few supps I needed to get.  BCAA Info – click here for an article on bodybuilding.com for an explanation of BCAAs. Again, it I’d something I have not used previously because it was not essential. On a contests diet, or any cut, if it pretty important for performance, recovery, and to maintain muscle.

-Acetyl L-Carnitine – fat burner basically, performance enhancer. Had been recommended the Evolve carnitine rx until I got there and spoke to the sales assistant, and I got the boyfriends approval on going this way as well. Also- discount for checking in on Facebook, and a free shirt for spending $$$ .

20140628-222941-80981816.jpg I’ve also shared Kristal Bikinis pic for a giveaway custom bikini- I have no idea how a winner is chosen, I imagine by likes which I have no hope with! Though you had to also follow Effi Foods who retweeted my share so that me excited for a few seconds haha. I have been looking to competition suits already as I think I may end up buying from Ravish Sands in America, and I need to allow plenty of time for production and shipping. I adore the suits by Ravish Sands and the multiple options available…. The same suit colours can look so different with alternative connectors and crystals! I have settled my heart on a colour already…. Leaving that as a surprise though! I have a lot of work to do though, but thinking about the final days is what is keeping me focused on the goal- to bring my best in September! Jordy


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