Initial Weigh In

So last night was my initial weigh in for the Dream Team, and first group PT session.
I have mentioned previously that I signed on a few weeks late and this has been my first opportunity to get my stats recorded.

The results gave me mixed feelings- but I have been so determined that I am only focussing on the positives and putting in the work.


My Stats
30% body fat
48kg lean mass
Chest 92cm
Waist 82cm
Hips 110cm
Hydration etc was good.

My Goals
10-15% body fat
Waist decrease 20cm
Hips decrease 20cm

Good natural proportion! Hydration etc was great. All of my goals are achievable in the time frame.

Stick to my diet like glue.
Cardio. Cardio. Cardio.

You have no idea how obsessed I have become -it’s a bit embarrassing! Thinking about the detox, when I can get to gym, prepping food, charging iPod etc
Though it’s keeping me positive and focussed.

That’s all for today!


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