Ripped on Raw

Today we had an amazing seminar at gym with my trainers Vania and Joy on nutrition!

They have created Ripped on Raw- they have a few organic products and a great cookbook with guidelines and recipes, which I have as part of my Dream Team package. 🙂

It was a really interesting seminar and I have taken notes to revise later. The best part was the feeling I left with. I’ve heard some talks before on nutrition that had left me with a negative feeling – that if I didn’t adhere to their way I would fail. 

This is not the case with Joy and Vania! They simply offered a lot of information and suggest just starting to eat more live foods and less processed. Of course those of us on the Team do have a meal plan to adhere to-  but this was an open seminar for anyone interested.

Some points I took away

  • Our potential is determined by what we eat
  • Food mirrors –  good clean food makes you feel good and light and vibrant. Fake food makes you feel tired and heavy, and negatively effects your mood.
  • GET REAL – we all know society is warped with the food and diet industries, get real about what you know and be proactive about it, don’t be a victim to the ploys you know they use.
  • Food today has no nutrition! We are not in tune with our bodies and are full of toxicity- toxicity leads to sickness, obesity, allergies, disorders, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diabetes etc
  •  Calorie restrictive diets will shrink you, but that just concentrates the toxicity in your body, which leads to gaining back the weight once the restriction is lifted. A raw diet cleanses these toxins and shrinks your body so you are healthy and maintain the weight loss – we are all after longetivity 
  • Is your food dead or alive? (Excluding meat if you choose to eat it, please please have it dead!) is your fridge a morgue or a garden???
  • Remember Ph in school? Acid vs alkaline? The human body is slightly more alkaline but there is acid everywhere – stress, air pollution, herbicides, caffeine etc
  • Get back to nature… BE KIND TO YOURSELF!
  • When you eat well and detox your body, the new good food coming through provides new building material for your body to build with, clear skin, muscles, etc
  • Digestion!!!! Digestion is your bodies ONE TOP priority ! 80% of your energy focuses there. If you eat fast digesting foods, your body has more time and energy for other things like recovery and good workouts, fighting illness etc! Pork can take up to 6 hours to digest! For those hours after you are only using 20% energy for everything else you are doing in your day!
  • What our bodies doesn’t use, we WEAR
  • Good read- Beauty Detox Solution
  • A tiger is a carnivore. They have a 4m colon and high stomach acid to break down and throw out the meat they eat. Humans have less acid, and a total of 30m of colon and intestines! Meat stuck in there putrifies.
  • Eat light to heavy! If you eat meat then your salads or veggies, the greens will get stuck behind the meat and ferment Side note! Colon treatments are a great way to clean and detox toxins from the body!!!
  • Stimulants are not true energy! 
  • Cleanse your body with good food- Stop putting crap in- and hydrate!





Above was a delicious smoothie bowl from the Ripped on Raw recipe book!
Second is the lovely Vania with a McDonalds burger.

Now here is something gross.
We all know how bad McDonalds is right??? Well that burger in her hand, was purchased August 30 2013!! It has not been refrigerated! It has set on her office shelf. Vania swears not a single insect has sought out this “food” and as you can see it still resembles a burger.

I think I’m turned off Maccas for LIFE!!!

So these were the points I took away today, there was a lot of information to take in, plus a reading list that I will also share for further information! 🙂



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