Week Wrap Up

Hello again,

I have been so busy the last two weeks, that I am not only late with this wrap up, I also missed last week altogether, so it’s not weekly! All the lies!!


First of all I was down 2.8kg for my Accountability last Friday, with 6-7cm of my waist and hips/butt. Which is awesome! I also went for a Colonic last week to further detox. That was an experience I never thought I would have, but am glad I did- and I encourage everyone to do it if you care about helping your body after years of working against it. Throughout my experience so far I have defiantly been thinking about food, and food like products that I have been consuming. I have tried and tested heaps of ‘diets’ before and this one has had to me thinking more than usual, and consciously making the effort to be healthy and to think about the impacts on my body and the planet. 

Secondly I want a round of applause for myself for not being tempted by anything unhealthy at all, and my absolute dedication to my nutrition and cardio these last two weeks. Cardio has not been my friend since high school (soccer being an exception) so to go 40-60 minutes after weights has been a major breakthrough. I have even thrown in some morning fasted cardio!


I still haven’t gotten to making my own sprouts, or soaking nuts yet, time is definitely getting away from me. Hopefully with a work free weekend coming up I can devote more time to setting up these tasks.  I am in love with every quinoa recipe I try. Especially when I added the sprouted bean combo- it’s been a crowd pleaser! All available at woolworths- though I have plans to get my veggies from a market this week and to visit local health stores these weekend for other organic ingredients.


 I feel like the best investment I will ever make is a dishwasher. As you can see I do not have one, and it is the thorn in my backside… Every. Single. Day. 

I am set to start reading this book, The One Minute Cure, I haven’t started yet but would love to talk it over with anyone who has (review to come later). It was recommended to me by Lynn who performed the colonic treatment, and who is actively at workshops that I have attended with the Dream Team. We had a really good chat and I am excited to sit down and see what it has to say. 

I am also enjoying fruit in my smoothies until they get cut out of my contest diet. Currently I only have apples I my Green Juice, a banana post workout or berries in my smoothies. 

Lastly I ditched the red hair this week. I planned to get rid of all red traces before the comp. I am a natural brunette and I have no idea what stage lighting and a stage tan will look like, so I prefer to play it safe and go back to dark brown. The red is still coming through slightly, but by getting it done now I still have a few months to freshen up the shade. I also know many girls add extensions, and I haven’t yet decided what I will do, but brown will be a lot easier to match if I choose to go that way. 

Progress photos!!! Disclaimer- I don’t know how to pose yet, so I probably seem way off! Regardless I had fun putting on my heels and bikini to see the changes I have already made and be a bit critical. It’s easy to pick where I need to target, but as I think most people know, spot reduction isn’t possible, I just need to decrease my overall body fat percentage. I have been surprised that my hips and thighs appear to be slimming as In the past these have been the hardest spots.

I had the date of comp wrong too, so I am now 11 weeks out. I really am pleased with what I have done so far, and can’t wait to compare to my pics come competition today.

(sorry mum and dad, for the photos following)


I will be trying to get a couple more posts done this week, time permitting. In addition to the extra time spent at the gym, I have had a few events crop up that weren’t part of my social calendar before committing to this prep. 

That’s all for now, thank you!





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