Your mindset is really the make or break factor in any challenge that you set yourself.
Your mindset can be productive, seeking and testing new knowledges or it can be deceptive, especially to yourself. Either way it is a powerful incentive when making choices for yourself.

Until this week I have had a great mindset, I have been in the zone and stuck to the process- with good results. However as is common in life, there is drama and events that can shake you. Watch or read any program or article on weightloss or health and I’m sure you will find something regarding emotional eating. It is something most people struggle with and is a big factor in the success of a healthy lifestyle. It is something I have definitely struggled with in the past, and with some personal issues this week I was really watchful of how I turned to food.
I surprised myself by finding no interest in using food as a comfort, and I felt this was a major breakthrough!!
Only, as soon as the initial stressors backed off, I let my guard down- and I broke my beautiful streak of healthy eating! Tuesday I ate a few things I should not have, and Wednesday was worse, topped off with an after work function that included dinner and drinks. I should have eaten before hand but I went hungry and ended up eating dinner rolls during speeches.

I’m not sure how most will consider that- a bread roll isn’t so bad? It’s just once it’s ok, etc etc
For me, it’s bad. I haven’t eaten much bread for the better part of a few years. If it is a special weekend function or cheat meal, yes, but for the majority I don’t eat it. Following the fact I’ve been eating a lot of raw and live food lately, you can imagine what it feels like to stuff some white bread into your mouth. It is not good at all!!!

I have woken up early today and immediately began to reflect on what has happened, why it has happened, and how to stop it later. In a normal week I would think about it and let it slide, but with the goals I am setting I want my margin or error to be as slim as possible.
I really feel that I have got myself into the mindset again today, that I will do a detox for today and tomorrow to help my body with the sugar consumption and to get myself back on track to my goals.

I will endeavour to find a way, maybe some meditation?, to stop and reflect on my mindset in the next few months so I can strengthen my mindset and resolve to achieve the goals have set myself in the smoothest way possible.

Thanks, Jordy.


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