All of the Quinoa Salads

Quinoa is something I tried once at the start of 2014 when I went on a Vegan kick after watching a horrible documentary which opened my eyes to the meat industry. I have gone back to meat eating but I am getting better, and making more mindful choices, I still encourage people to watching the documentary Earthlings and make their own decisions- we all know its ugly but we hide from the truth to live in blissful ignorance. Start educating yourself and make choices you feel comfortable with!

Back then I diIMAG1109dn’t do much research, I microwaved my quinoa and it tasted bland, was expensive, and my motivation to eat it waned pretty fast. Since trying the Quinoa Salad recipe in my Ripped to Raw cookbook (part of my prep program) I have become addicted to it! I could make the stuff all day, every day in lots of variations.

If you follow me on instagram its the only food I have posted for awhile, and today I had a delicious Moroccan Quinoa Salad topped with some prawns. This is miles better than my initial interaction with the super grain 6 months ago, and I promise it is not bland and the cost has honestly decreased as more and more people buy organic and healthy food.

Consumer demand = more availability = bigger market = competitive pricing, so please get into it like I have!


(Just remember, salad first and second for best digestion =) )

May I add that my face has slimmed down ALOT and that it is foundation/BB cream etc FREE??



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