Week Wrap Up 3

We are now down to 10 weeks out from today! Leaving the double digits…


This week was huge. I got pretty down on myself for part of it, I had an after work function on wednesday night that went really late, and build up to it and after just really wore me out. I didn’t get to bed until after midnight for four nights and I was up at 5am four of the mornings to get my cardio in! As a consequence my weight on the scales has bounced around and Ive not had any weight loss this week. However I have noticed in several clothing items this week that I have lost cm, and did a face by face comparison from a month ago and there is a visible difference! I was still a bit bummed on myself for eating the bread roll etc at the work function, but after have a cleansing day of detox the day after I felt a lot better. I know I need to develop a more positive outlook so that I don’t beat myself up for things and start a downward spiral.image(4)

One of my trainers, Joy Arnott, sent through this article yesterday – http://zenhabits.net/struggles/ and it couldn’t be more perfect timing. It has really reminded me that we all have setbacks and struggle with overcoming them, and I really can and should look to others for answers if I can’t myself. It is a much better experience to learn from others and make that connection to another, and find a faster easier way continue down a path to our goals.

I have also noticed some evidence of my upper body muscles coming through which is a big relief- I have been praying that under the fat they were there waiting to make a grand appearance! The shoulder was the biggest shock, as I have desperately wanted some nice round shoulders and not yet seen any evidence of them even existing. Now I know that my workouts have been paying off – you just have to trust the process!

I had another big ‘cook up’ yesterday… I really am addicted to the quinoa, and in a rush on Thursday I picked up the Charlies Green Juice which was SO delicious- though I wish I had bad more of my own fresh juiced prepped instead. The looks I got from work with the juice were priceless, because it really looks so unappealing, but tastes good!

What with there being little progress in this week I feel a bit silly putting up more progress pics, but I know it is encouraging and daring (to be accountable) to share these things. Ive picked a image(3)two piece that I wore last year with a very different figure, and I will try to wear these in the future so the results are more evident. The last bottoms I wore are honestly falling off so I had to scrap them. This bikini is an Eve brand I love them. I dared myself to post the front on picture, as that is my least favorite angle- knowing I will regret it if I don’t come the end of this transformation! I feel my pictures might have looked a bit better had I taken them first thing, but I forgot and had breakfast and a lot of water prior to my little shoot ha.

I felt amazing at the gym the last two days- I much prefer my weekend workouts to weeklies after work at the end of the day. The gym is usually more peacef14e489ab-dbe7-4e09-b8c4-bfc1e9d90b99ul as well and I don’t have to wait for anything. The only killer is the fish and chip shop next door!

Lastly, I went and bought some beans and a small sprouting jar so I can start my own sprouting!! I am beyond excited for this to see how they go. I have never been a gardener or a cook, and I feel those skills are required for this amazing sorcery, but I plan to succeed anyway.

Planning ahead- I have everything set in place this week as far as gym, washing, food prepping and mind set go. I am leaving early Friday morning to Western Australia to attend the engagement party of my best friend, and returning on Sunday. I still haven’t set a solid plan for this weekend away. Exercise is out- apart from some horse riding, so my diet is going to have to be TIGHT. I intend to be a good guest but I also don’t intend to fall off the bandwagon even a little bit. It will be an obstacle but it is one that I am walking into mentally prepared, and I feel this is always my biggest battle. I am positive I won’t get a chance to post now until the following week, so I hope to make some amazing progress to share, and I would really like to sit down and get into some things like workouts and supplements on this journey and in normal every day working out, as well as buying my competition suit. Aug 9th I will be starting my posing classes- I cannot believe it! So much excitement!

That’s all for now my lovelies,






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