Four Weeks Out

We are now less than four weeks out!


I have been extremely busy, not just at the gym, but with a job and house move, and other personal life dramas. I have neglected my blog too much!

My new statistics are in, and I am happy to share the results. In 8 weeks I went from 71.3kg to 65kg. My body fat percentage from 30.2% to 24.9%. I have maintained all of my lean muscle mass and lost cm’s all over.

In clothing I have dropped from an AU size 12 to 10s and 8s. I am more broke than ever with nothing wear! Except awesome workout gear that moves with you!

At four weeks out, I have now had diet change. From detoxing and alkalizing my body we are now focusing on dropping carbohydates and nailing protein requirements and times. Its had a very draining effect on my body, as my digestion times have increased. My cardio has also increased, and recovering from illness has taken a massive toll.

Ah, illness. I unfortunately caught the flu. I tried to ride it out before taking medication (oops bad move) but that lead to a sinus infection that I though I would never shake. I did take over a week off from gym, and I will confess my diet was off the charts unacceptable. What can I do now? Make up for it!

My sinus infection also affected my throat, and then I was stuck with a chest rattle for another week almost. I had antibiotics and a puffer- things I have taken rarely and a puffer? NEVER.

Now I have had alot of people blame my diet for my illness, and I have this to say- YES my immune system was down due to working hard and cutting calories. My body is working very hard on maintain muscles and burning fat, and was not equipped to maintain this AND fight a virus. This is why I had to accept it, and take time off. Im now still catching up on missed sleep but feeling 100x better.

It was mentally hard dealing with the illness setback, with a big goal and deadline set, and it honestly feels like no one understands the stress of trying to obtain it. I may have sounded obsessive and completely out of touch with reality when I got worked up about it. I have now taken the time to accept that I will do my best until the last day, and that will be the best package I can bring AT THIS TIME.

There is always another comp, another chance- this is not a one time goal for me but something I am keenly interested in for awhile!


I have been missing so I haven’t shared much, but I do have more topics in the works, supps, digestion and nutrition, and more from my journery including posing classes with Jo Rogers – Ms Australia 7 times!!! I will have these, and this blog, running as I keep going with these goals, and I hope to deliver more information as I go along =)


Jordy x


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