Something I want to touch on briefly, and only briefly, because it is negative.

I have received so much criticism all the way though this prep so far.
At the start it was the general rabbit food jokes, teasing me with junk food etc kind of criticism. That my diet was silly, not enough, needed cheat days etc.
Then it changed to criticism if I was seen doing anything a bit relaxed, because I should be 100% about the prep, as if I needed to be reminded, or wasn’t trying hard enough.
Then I started getting alot of congratulations on the changes I have made recently- and this was awesome!- but that brought attention from people who have gym experience, not necessarily competition experience. I then got criticism further on my diet and training.

There is alot of information out there, there are alot of methods out there. I made the decision to go with a team and trainers that have alot of experience with this preparation. I decided to put all of my trust in their method and their process. I may want to, or think I should do something else, or others may criticize what I am currently doing, but this is the decision I made. I can take away from this process so many lessons and use the in the future. If it works I can use it again, if it doesn’t, I can learn from that.
I am not striving for perfection.
This is my first competition.

I started at a very unfit level. I have made massive improvements.
I have also had a lot of personal issues during this journey that I havent documented here, and they have taken their toll.

I am now 3 weeks out, and I want to admit that I have not been perfect, especially the last few weeks.
This is ok. Things happen. I have had great days and worse days. I am still going to get on the stage, and do this. I am going to go through this whole process and learn as much as I possibly can.

Looking back there are alot of things I might change, but those days are over and all I can do is change the days ahead of me.

I do plan to compete again, and again, and I will slowly and surely develope my physique over time. As I will have had my first experience behind me I plan to do more research and understand the processes a lot more than I have this time.

This is still only the beginning, and I would like to use this post to say there is never a time that anyone will not have something negative to say, whether you are failing or succeeding. I have done my best to block that out, and listen to the only people that matter at this point.



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