Diet Change

Diet change!!!

So far I have blogged my Ripped on Raw approach with dieting.

I have loved and learnt alot. It has also been successful and I am so happy with not just my fat loss, but the benefits such as energy, no hunger, no addictions etc that I have experienced.

At four weeks out my diet has been changed to meat and vegetables, egg white omelets etc every few hours. I really struggled with it this week. Considering what I have learned about digestion loads, and having spent the last 8 weeks eating so lightly, this change has completely sapped my energy, and I feel like I cant get enough sleep. I didn’t follow it perfectly, as I have struggled to eat it all, and to stop myself from falling into a food coma.

I have recently found the YOR Health range and been incorporating that into my diet, which has helped me significantly. I am now trying to stick to these changes 100% as they are necessary at this stage. I just cant stress enough how much I have become aware of how important digestive health is, and once you have got your body working so well you really can feel when things are changed up.

Twenty One days to go- training hard, eating strict, I am feeling ready to take on these last few weeks!




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