Extract: the Foreword from ‘The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women Volume 1’ – Beatrice Imbert

Lead an Inspired Life’

What is life? What are we meant to actually do with this gift, this privilege that has been given to us? Is there a purpose to our very being?

These are just a few of the questions that occupy my thoughts, finding myself searching for answers, often resulting in even more questions. The only sure conclusion that I can settle on is that perhaps there are many paths that a life can take, the one decider is our own very powerful ability to choose – to make choices as to what we would like to do and how we would like to spend our journey.

Living an inspired life is, I believe, a conscious choice and one that is often and sadly made because circumstances have ‘forced the hand’ – that we find ourselves in transformational situations that require a new or renewed strength to not just cope with, but to thrive through.

My understanding of life was formed when I faced my own death in London during the summer of 2005. Yes, my life did flash before my very eyes and what I saw were the moments that were spent with the people that I had loved, the tears and the laughter. I wanted to see those people, I wanted to know more of life, to feel, to love, but above all else I wanted to honour my gift of life should I be fortunate to survive.

My body was labelled simply as ‘One Unknown, Estimated Female’ – I was without identity. I remember reading that wrist bracelet, reading those rather chilling words and contemplating exactly what it meant. I realised that within those words ‘One Unknown, Estimated Female’ was the example of the brilliance of humanity. So many people, including paramedics and police had put their own lives at risk to save mine, to save as many as they could. No one ever gave up, they acted selflessly, their only focus was to save precious human lives – it didn’t matter what colour of skin, what faith, indeed what sex.

Making a difference, making a life count, leaving lasting footprints, to lead by example and to heed all that I had been shown was and remains my motivation.

And now, as I write, I am carrying a child, a new life waiting to be born. I also know that this miracle is a girl, another woman to take her place in the world and to find her way, to choose her journey and to make a difference.

As her Mother, what example do I offer her? What words of encouragement and advice? I hope that my child will learn not only from me but from the many women who have forged great paths before me, and the many women who fill our world today.

This unique collection of remarkable women, all who have shown strength, determination and courage are a testament to the brilliance that is humanity, to us all and our ability to lead inspired lives.

Leave Lasting Footprints on all you do is what I will teach my daughter – and to choose her every step – and to appreciate the fullness of the journey that is life.’

– Dr Gill Hicks (Hon Dr Phil) MBE FRSA – Founding Director M.A.D For Peace, Survivor 2005 London Bombings

I don’t plan to make a habit of posting things that are not my own words. However I was so inspired and moved by this piece, it is the words I am unable to string together to explain how I feel. So as it was done so well, I felt it best to share and celebrate.

Happy day pioneers x


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