Update 6Feb

A quick update on current events.

Now 8 weeks out from INBA.

Posing advice and practice coming through thick and hard. I am really trying to embrace the ‘Fake it until you Become It’ attitude- due to work roster tomorrow will be my first group posing for nearly a month so we will see how well I can fake it with an audience again. Its cool to rock it in your home half naked and another to do it at the gym with 4 wall mirrors.

I feel I am coming in on track for April but just trying to keep myself focused on everything at this point and not worry about the end day.

My bikini order is in with Lovelee Swimwear and I cannot wait to get my order!

It looks as though my event will be hosting a one-piece category so I am looking to order from All4Me but I am going to look at swatches with friends first and talk to the event organiser to get a better understanding of the category (judges looking for personality or promotability etc?) then I will have an idea of how I want to look.

I have online posing coaching with the wonderful Skye at EdenFit I really encourage anyone to join her coaching online, she knows what she is talking about! You will learn a lot more than just posing.

Otherwise I am just busy with work and study. Each Unit I swear I wont be in a rush to hand it in but so far it hasn’t gone this way…. maybe by my last unit! This month has already started on such a high as far my ambition goes I need to really pull some extra action out for everything I want to achieve. So excited still for this year!

Enjoy some of my sketchy first poses. Lets see how much better I get -(hopefully way better!)


8 weeks out is still considerable time but already I have the coaches asking me who I have organised for hair, makeup, tans, how is posing etc.. geez! The official event info went up this week so now I can look at organising these things in the next week or so. Going to recruit some friends tomorrow morning who are competing and see what we can organise together for the day.

Part of me is feeling daring enough to try and hair and makeup myself, but the sensible side is wondering how I will cope with that on the day, and how I will feel if feedback comes back that I looked like a clown?


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