Outfit – Jewellery

The cost of competing is really high!


Especially if it is your first and you are forking out to get the best knowledge possible, like I have been.
So when it came to things like jewellery I have gone to the marvellous el cheapo eBay.com and gotten blingy stage jewellery!!!!

It is exactly what I wanted and will match the connectors I want on my competition suit. I didn’t want dangly earrings, I wanted to keep it simple but pretty, and I am so happy I got matching jewellery, since I purchased from separate sellers.

It’s the fun little things like this in the lead up that really keep that excitement and motivation flowing!



Week Wrap Up 3

We are now down to 10 weeks out from today! Leaving the double digits…


This week was huge. I got pretty down on myself for part of it, I had an after work function on wednesday night that went really late, and build up to it and after just really wore me out. I didn’t get to bed until after midnight for four nights and I was up at 5am four of the mornings to get my cardio in! As a consequence my weight on the scales has bounced around and Ive not had any weight loss this week. However I have noticed in several clothing items this week that I have lost cm, and did a face by face comparison from a month ago and there is a visible difference! I was still a bit bummed on myself for eating the bread roll etc at the work function, but after have a cleansing day of detox the day after I felt a lot better. I know I need to develop a more positive outlook so that I don’t beat myself up for things and start a downward spiral.image(4)

One of my trainers, Joy Arnott, sent through this article yesterday – http://zenhabits.net/struggles/ and it couldn’t be more perfect timing. It has really reminded me that we all have setbacks and struggle with overcoming them, and I really can and should look to others for answers if I can’t myself. It is a much better experience to learn from others and make that connection to another, and find a faster easier way continue down a path to our goals.

I have also noticed some evidence of my upper body muscles coming through which is a big relief- I have been praying that under the fat they were there waiting to make a grand appearance! The shoulder was the biggest shock, as I have desperately wanted some nice round shoulders and not yet seen any evidence of them even existing. Now I know that my workouts have been paying off – you just have to trust the process!

I had another big ‘cook up’ yesterday… I really am addicted to the quinoa, and in a rush on Thursday I picked up the Charlies Green Juice which was SO delicious- though I wish I had bad more of my own fresh juiced prepped instead. The looks I got from work with the juice were priceless, because it really looks so unappealing, but tastes good!

What with there being little progress in this week I feel a bit silly putting up more progress pics, but I know it is encouraging and daring (to be accountable) to share these things. Ive picked a image(3)two piece that I wore last year with a very different figure, and I will try to wear these in the future so the results are more evident. The last bottoms I wore are honestly falling off so I had to scrap them. This bikini is an Eve brand I love them. I dared myself to post the front on picture, as that is my least favorite angle- knowing I will regret it if I don’t come the end of this transformation! I feel my pictures might have looked a bit better had I taken them first thing, but I forgot and had breakfast and a lot of water prior to my little shoot ha.

I felt amazing at the gym the last two days- I much prefer my weekend workouts to weeklies after work at the end of the day. The gym is usually more peacef14e489ab-dbe7-4e09-b8c4-bfc1e9d90b99ul as well and I don’t have to wait for anything. The only killer is the fish and chip shop next door!

Lastly, I went and bought some beans and a small sprouting jar so I can start my own sprouting!! I am beyond excited for this to see how they go. I have never been a gardener or a cook, and I feel those skills are required for this amazing sorcery, but I plan to succeed anyway.

Planning ahead- I have everything set in place this week as far as gym, washing, food prepping and mind set go. I am leaving early Friday morning to Western Australia to attend the engagement party of my best friend, and returning on Sunday. I still haven’t set a solid plan for this weekend away. Exercise is out- apart from some horse riding, so my diet is going to have to be TIGHT. I intend to be a good guest but I also don’t intend to fall off the bandwagon even a little bit. It will be an obstacle but it is one that I am walking into mentally prepared, and I feel this is always my biggest battle. I am positive I won’t get a chance to post now until the following week, so I hope to make some amazing progress to share, and I would really like to sit down and get into some things like workouts and supplements on this journey and in normal every day working out, as well as buying my competition suit. Aug 9th I will be starting my posing classes- I cannot believe it! So much excitement!

That’s all for now my lovelies,





All of the Quinoa Salads

Quinoa is something I tried once at the start of 2014 when I went on a Vegan kick after watching a horrible documentary which opened my eyes to the meat industry. I have gone back to meat eating but I am getting better, and making more mindful choices, I still encourage people to watching the documentary Earthlings and make their own decisions- we all know its ugly but we hide from the truth to live in blissful ignorance. Start educating yourself and make choices you feel comfortable with!

Back then I diIMAG1109dn’t do much research, I microwaved my quinoa and it tasted bland, was expensive, and my motivation to eat it waned pretty fast. Since trying the Quinoa Salad recipe in my Ripped to Raw cookbook (part of my prep program) I have become addicted to it! I could make the stuff all day, every day in lots of variations.

If you follow me on instagram its the only food I have posted for awhile, and today I had a delicious Moroccan Quinoa Salad topped with some prawns. This is miles better than my initial interaction with the super grain 6 months ago, and I promise it is not bland and the cost has honestly decreased as more and more people buy organic and healthy food.

Consumer demand = more availability = bigger market = competitive pricing, so please get into it like I have!


(Just remember, salad first and second for best digestion =) )

May I add that my face has slimmed down ALOT and that it is foundation/BB cream etc FREE??



Your mindset is really the make or break factor in any challenge that you set yourself.
Your mindset can be productive, seeking and testing new knowledges or it can be deceptive, especially to yourself. Either way it is a powerful incentive when making choices for yourself.

Until this week I have had a great mindset, I have been in the zone and stuck to the process- with good results. However as is common in life, there is drama and events that can shake you. Watch or read any program or article on weightloss or health and I’m sure you will find something regarding emotional eating. It is something most people struggle with and is a big factor in the success of a healthy lifestyle. It is something I have definitely struggled with in the past, and with some personal issues this week I was really watchful of how I turned to food.
I surprised myself by finding no interest in using food as a comfort, and I felt this was a major breakthrough!!
Only, as soon as the initial stressors backed off, I let my guard down- and I broke my beautiful streak of healthy eating! Tuesday I ate a few things I should not have, and Wednesday was worse, topped off with an after work function that included dinner and drinks. I should have eaten before hand but I went hungry and ended up eating dinner rolls during speeches.

I’m not sure how most will consider that- a bread roll isn’t so bad? It’s just once it’s ok, etc etc
For me, it’s bad. I haven’t eaten much bread for the better part of a few years. If it is a special weekend function or cheat meal, yes, but for the majority I don’t eat it. Following the fact I’ve been eating a lot of raw and live food lately, you can imagine what it feels like to stuff some white bread into your mouth. It is not good at all!!!

I have woken up early today and immediately began to reflect on what has happened, why it has happened, and how to stop it later. In a normal week I would think about it and let it slide, but with the goals I am setting I want my margin or error to be as slim as possible.
I really feel that I have got myself into the mindset again today, that I will do a detox for today and tomorrow to help my body with the sugar consumption and to get myself back on track to my goals.

I will endeavour to find a way, maybe some meditation?, to stop and reflect on my mindset in the next few months so I can strengthen my mindset and resolve to achieve the goals have set myself in the smoothest way possible.

Thanks, Jordy.

Outfit – Heels


They are so pretty!!!!

I am not confident in anyway that anyone is going to get a good eyeful of these sparkly babies, but I adore them.
I noticed through following other girls who have been onstage, that strapped shoes are the way to go; unless you are confident you won’t stack it on the walk out.
I am not confident that I won’t be a jittery mess, so I want everything I wear on the day to be tied or glued down- no wardrobe malfunctions allowed.
I ordered these online for a bargain, thank you ebay!

Week Wrap Up

Hello again,

I have been so busy the last two weeks, that I am not only late with this wrap up, I also missed last week altogether, so it’s not weekly! All the lies!!


First of all I was down 2.8kg for my Accountability last Friday, with 6-7cm of my waist and hips/butt. Which is awesome! I also went for a Colonic last week to further detox. That was an experience I never thought I would have, but am glad I did- and I encourage everyone to do it if you care about helping your body after years of working against it. Throughout my experience so far I have defiantly been thinking about food, and food like products that I have been consuming. I have tried and tested heaps of ‘diets’ before and this one has had to me thinking more than usual, and consciously making the effort to be healthy and to think about the impacts on my body and the planet. 

Secondly I want a round of applause for myself for not being tempted by anything unhealthy at all, and my absolute dedication to my nutrition and cardio these last two weeks. Cardio has not been my friend since high school (soccer being an exception) so to go 40-60 minutes after weights has been a major breakthrough. I have even thrown in some morning fasted cardio!


I still haven’t gotten to making my own sprouts, or soaking nuts yet, time is definitely getting away from me. Hopefully with a work free weekend coming up I can devote more time to setting up these tasks.  I am in love with every quinoa recipe I try. Especially when I added the sprouted bean combo- it’s been a crowd pleaser! All available at woolworths- though I have plans to get my veggies from a market this week and to visit local health stores these weekend for other organic ingredients.


 I feel like the best investment I will ever make is a dishwasher. As you can see I do not have one, and it is the thorn in my backside… Every. Single. Day. 

I am set to start reading this book, The One Minute Cure, I haven’t started yet but would love to talk it over with anyone who has (review to come later). It was recommended to me by Lynn who performed the colonic treatment, and who is actively at workshops that I have attended with the Dream Team. We had a really good chat and I am excited to sit down and see what it has to say. 

I am also enjoying fruit in my smoothies until they get cut out of my contest diet. Currently I only have apples I my Green Juice, a banana post workout or berries in my smoothies. 

Lastly I ditched the red hair this week. I planned to get rid of all red traces before the comp. I am a natural brunette and I have no idea what stage lighting and a stage tan will look like, so I prefer to play it safe and go back to dark brown. The red is still coming through slightly, but by getting it done now I still have a few months to freshen up the shade. I also know many girls add extensions, and I haven’t yet decided what I will do, but brown will be a lot easier to match if I choose to go that way. 

Progress photos!!! Disclaimer- I don’t know how to pose yet, so I probably seem way off! Regardless I had fun putting on my heels and bikini to see the changes I have already made and be a bit critical. It’s easy to pick where I need to target, but as I think most people know, spot reduction isn’t possible, I just need to decrease my overall body fat percentage. I have been surprised that my hips and thighs appear to be slimming as In the past these have been the hardest spots.

I had the date of comp wrong too, so I am now 11 weeks out. I really am pleased with what I have done so far, and can’t wait to compare to my pics come competition today.

(sorry mum and dad, for the photos following)


I will be trying to get a couple more posts done this week, time permitting. In addition to the extra time spent at the gym, I have had a few events crop up that weren’t part of my social calendar before committing to this prep. 

That’s all for now, thank you!




Ripped on Raw

Today we had an amazing seminar at gym with my trainers Vania and Joy on nutrition!

They have created Ripped on Raw- they have a few organic products and a great cookbook with guidelines and recipes, which I have as part of my Dream Team package. 🙂

It was a really interesting seminar and I have taken notes to revise later. The best part was the feeling I left with. I’ve heard some talks before on nutrition that had left me with a negative feeling – that if I didn’t adhere to their way I would fail. 

This is not the case with Joy and Vania! They simply offered a lot of information and suggest just starting to eat more live foods and less processed. Of course those of us on the Team do have a meal plan to adhere to-  but this was an open seminar for anyone interested.

Some points I took away

  • Our potential is determined by what we eat
  • Food mirrors –  good clean food makes you feel good and light and vibrant. Fake food makes you feel tired and heavy, and negatively effects your mood.
  • GET REAL – we all know society is warped with the food and diet industries, get real about what you know and be proactive about it, don’t be a victim to the ploys you know they use.
  • Food today has no nutrition! We are not in tune with our bodies and are full of toxicity- toxicity leads to sickness, obesity, allergies, disorders, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diabetes etc
  •  Calorie restrictive diets will shrink you, but that just concentrates the toxicity in your body, which leads to gaining back the weight once the restriction is lifted. A raw diet cleanses these toxins and shrinks your body so you are healthy and maintain the weight loss – we are all after longetivity 
  • Is your food dead or alive? (Excluding meat if you choose to eat it, please please have it dead!) is your fridge a morgue or a garden???
  • Remember Ph in school? Acid vs alkaline? The human body is slightly more alkaline but there is acid everywhere – stress, air pollution, herbicides, caffeine etc
  • Get back to nature… BE KIND TO YOURSELF!
  • When you eat well and detox your body, the new good food coming through provides new building material for your body to build with, clear skin, muscles, etc
  • Digestion!!!! Digestion is your bodies ONE TOP priority ! 80% of your energy focuses there. If you eat fast digesting foods, your body has more time and energy for other things like recovery and good workouts, fighting illness etc! Pork can take up to 6 hours to digest! For those hours after you are only using 20% energy for everything else you are doing in your day!
  • What our bodies doesn’t use, we WEAR
  • Good read- Beauty Detox Solution
  • A tiger is a carnivore. They have a 4m colon and high stomach acid to break down and throw out the meat they eat. Humans have less acid, and a total of 30m of colon and intestines! Meat stuck in there putrifies.
  • Eat light to heavy! If you eat meat then your salads or veggies, the greens will get stuck behind the meat and ferment Side note! Colon treatments are a great way to clean and detox toxins from the body!!!
  • Stimulants are not true energy! 
  • Cleanse your body with good food- Stop putting crap in- and hydrate!





Above was a delicious smoothie bowl from the Ripped on Raw recipe book!
Second is the lovely Vania with a McDonalds burger.

Now here is something gross.
We all know how bad McDonalds is right??? Well that burger in her hand, was purchased August 30 2013!! It has not been refrigerated! It has set on her office shelf. Vania swears not a single insect has sought out this “food” and as you can see it still resembles a burger.

I think I’m turned off Maccas for LIFE!!!

So these were the points I took away today, there was a lot of information to take in, plus a reading list that I will also share for further information! 🙂


Initial Weigh In

So last night was my initial weigh in for the Dream Team, and first group PT session.
I have mentioned previously that I signed on a few weeks late and this has been my first opportunity to get my stats recorded.

The results gave me mixed feelings- but I have been so determined that I am only focussing on the positives and putting in the work.


My Stats
30% body fat
48kg lean mass
Chest 92cm
Waist 82cm
Hips 110cm
Hydration etc was good.

My Goals
10-15% body fat
Waist decrease 20cm
Hips decrease 20cm

Good natural proportion! Hydration etc was great. All of my goals are achievable in the time frame.

Stick to my diet like glue.
Cardio. Cardio. Cardio.

You have no idea how obsessed I have become -it’s a bit embarrassing! Thinking about the detox, when I can get to gym, prepping food, charging iPod etc
Though it’s keeping me positive and focussed.

That’s all for today!

Week Wrap Up

28/6/2014 Saturday night here in Australia! Tomorrow marks 12 WEEKS until NABBA comp!!! I started a detox this week, meaning I felt out of it in regards to my workouts, and then I was caught up with stock take at work, so I am SO excited to finally get into the gym tomorrow, as I am now uninterrupted until comp day. Detox was tough to start with but I’ve been persevering. I am honestly not a fan of juicing, but I am starting to enjoy the juices- I think my past experiences were my own concoctions which never tasted any good! I am also frustrated with now much food goes into a simple juice. I think I would rather eat it.

20140628-214036-78036318.jpg I decided to include some pictures of me at the moment- 12 weeks out. I know some people in better shape at this stage, and I have known some people in worse shape- so I am not stressing. All that is important to me right now is that I have 12 weeks straight to put in maximum effort. I have my first PT session with Vania on Monday- I am excited to catch up with her properly, to check out my new gym, and to weigh in and take my first measurements.

20140628-215642-79002754.jpg So in preparation, I hit ASN after work today and stocked up –

-Lacheek Nutrition Bombshell preworkout – I have not tried it before but I have been hooked into all of the hype… I got two, one in Apple and Sweet Pineapple. I have not used a preworkout for my sessions in a long time, I only reserve them for days I need the stimulants. As this is a long and aggressive ‘cut’ I will be using my preworkout to get to and get through my workouts.

-Scivation X-tend – BCAA, L-Glutamine, Recovery. I know of hundreds of A+ recommendations, and it combines a few supps I needed to get.  BCAA Info – click here for an article on bodybuilding.com for an explanation of BCAAs. Again, it I’d something I have not used previously because it was not essential. On a contests diet, or any cut, if it pretty important for performance, recovery, and to maintain muscle.

-Acetyl L-Carnitine – fat burner basically, performance enhancer. Had been recommended the Evolve carnitine rx until I got there and spoke to the sales assistant, and I got the boyfriends approval on going this way as well. Also- discount for checking in on Facebook, and a free shirt for spending $$$ .

20140628-222941-80981816.jpg I’ve also shared Kristal Bikinis pic for a giveaway custom bikini- I have no idea how a winner is chosen, I imagine by likes which I have no hope with! Though you had to also follow Effi Foods who retweeted my share so that me excited for a few seconds haha. I have been looking to competition suits already as I think I may end up buying from Ravish Sands in America, and I need to allow plenty of time for production and shipping. I adore the suits by Ravish Sands and the multiple options available…. The same suit colours can look so different with alternative connectors and crystals! I have settled my heart on a colour already…. Leaving that as a surprise though! I have a lot of work to do though, but thinking about the final days is what is keeping me focused on the goal- to bring my best in September! Jordy

The Decision

I have been considering competing for awhile now and decided to dive on it- 13-14 weeks out from the NABBA comp.
I had initially looked at having an online trainer who I adore, but decided to look into locals, just as it is my first experience, and I would love my hand to be held on the day!
I found the Ultimate Gym and their Dream Team literally around the corner- they specialize in body building and their dream team program is amazing.
Looking on google at the Dream Team, at 2013 and at May 2014 you can see Dream Team members taking the winning spots. I honestly don’t think I could win my first comp, but seeing as their program brings forward great results I made the decision to join the team!
They clearly know what they are doing, and who better to learn from on my first comp? I’ve met Vania Primmer – gym owner, dream team coach and director, australian figure champion- just once so far! and my first impression was that she is just a darling! So kind and genuine, made me feel pretty confident that her program was the right way to go.

I have actually joined late, the program starts 14 weeks out but I have joined a week and a half late, with 12 weeks being the real cut off considering my current condition.

I have no special events or commitments until October, so I am confident in sticking to the program and bringing my best. I’m absolutely terrified of stepping on a stage, but with a stage body and posing classes I am banking on growing some confidence for the day!
I am also considering joining and entering the INBA comp as well, as it is just a week later, and it would be making the most of my contest prep!

So I have made the big decision!!!! I will be posting here when I can, but spamming instagram- @crankyk1tten , twitter- @glitteroniron , and tumblr- @glitteroniron to keep up my positivity, motivation etc 🙂
I have no idea to blog correctly, now to sign off- I promise to work on it.

Bye for now !